Bolt promo code €4

Bolt promo code €4

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Enter promo code JANSQN to Bolt app (earlier Taxify) and get a free taxi ride. Taxify, which has been renamed Bolt, is a mobile application that you call a taxi as easily as Uber. With this special event get a discount on your first ride. With this coupon you can get free ride up to specific amount. If the price for the ride is higher, you only pay the extra difference.

Promocode €4 off

Redeem this code for your first free ride.

   Valid at least until 25/6/2024

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How does Bolt work?

Simple as a slap. Bolt is used just like the original Taxify. First you choose a car that suits you with price and comfort, then choose your location and order a pick-up. Then just follow the driver on the map that will reach you. You can rate drivers and pay for the trip automatically in the app. You can also use feedback to select a driver.

If you are planning a business trip, just press one button in the app to switch to a business trip! It couldn't be easier. You can pay by cash or by credit card. Bolt is still operating in Prague, but is expanding to other cities.

How to redeem a discount code?

You need to download the mobile app. After opening Bolt, you must click on your profile icon at the top left. You will then be presented with a drop down menu where you will find the "Promo Code" tab you click. You will then be presented with the last window in which you will enter your discount code and redeem it.

Bolt in Europe

Bolt is available in several European countries. For information about Bolt vouchers in Czech Republic, continue to Bolt operates as well in Slovakia, all the discounts you can find on