Kiwi Black Friday and discount code 20€

Kiwi Black Friday and discount code 20€

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About Kiwi

Kiwi (earlier Skypicker) was founded in Czech Republic and is one of the most valuable Czech start-ups. Their tickets are sold worldwide. Using Kiwi pays off mainly for leap flights, where their search engine can combine flights of different freight companies, as well as combinations of those who do not co-operate officially.

You do not have to worry about transfers with different airlines. If you miss a connecting flight, Kiwi will provide you with a free ticket for the next flight to your destination.

How to use the promocode on Kiwi?

If you have received a promo code that Kiwi can issue in various events, you can simply apply it. At the step where you pay the ticket, click on"Do you want to use the promo code?" as in the picture below:

At the next step, you will see a field in which you can enter and redeem the promo code with the "Apply" button:


The best known Czech flight ticket search engine This is a billion start-up. offers a Guarantee, which provides security when transferring. It means that in case of flight delays, Kiwi covers all the transportation costs to the destination. We recommend that you read the terms of the guarantee on this page.

Travel as most conveniently as possible to multiple destinations in one trip

There is a feature called "Nomad" which offers travelers the opportunity to purchase the most advantageous tickets to multiple destinations thanks to a new algorithm. So you have the opportunity to plan the most advantageous flight from London to Italy, then France, America and back to London All you have to do is to choose your initial trip, the number of days in other destinations and finally the trip back. It's quite simple and saves you a lot of money and time. You won't be bothered with a lengthy search using Nomad.