HoppyGo discount code 300 Kč

HoppyGo discount code 300 Kč

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Enter the promo code PROMOKUPON200 into HoppyGo and get a discount on your next ride. HoppyGo is a carsharing company where you can rent cars from the users themselves, of which there are currently over 40,000. You can use it mainly in big cities like Prague, Brno or Ostrava.

Discount code 300 Kč

Discount for existing users for loans over CZK 1900

   Valid only until 31/12/2024

Discount code CZK 200 for the next ride

Redeem this coupon for any car rental in the Czech Republic.

   Valid only until 31/12/2024

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HoppyGo - safe carsharing

Do you have a car at home that stands unnecessarily in the garage?Why not just lend it to someone and let it earn some money? HoppyGo is made for this. A carsharing company that offers car rentals for users. And there is over 40,000 of them! Especially in large cities such as Prague, Brno and Ostrava, you will find the most cars close to you.

The price that interests us the most

If you want to rent a "sports car" or SUV, then expect a higher car price per day. If you are a little more modest and use our discount code, then the loan is relatively well set. Choose from Smarts to BMWs. Car prices range from 300 CZK for the cheapest cars or several thousand crowns for luxury cars!

Safety everywhere

If you never trust anyone, you don't have to worry here. You can use ČSOB services and their advantageous insurance packages, during which you will take full advantage of the ride. 24-hour assistance service, delivery of a substitutional car if needed, fuel changes, you will find it all there!

HoppyGo in Europe

HoppyGo is available in several European countries. For information about HoppyGo vouchers in Czech Republic, continue to PromoKupon.cz. HoppyGo operates as well in Slovakia, all the discounts you can find on PromoKupon.sk.