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Save on with discount codes and coupons. Alza is the largest online store in the Czech Republic with a lot of interesting goods for you to offer. Now you have the option to apply your discounts here. Alza offers a wide range of computers, accessories and other electronics. And they sell a lot of non-electronic goods too. Our tip is to check their Black Friday.

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Discounts up to 75%

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  Valid at least until 6/2/2023

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Alza discounts on mobile phones and accessories

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Choose your drone and record your dream vacation

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Discounts up to -25% on iPhone

Take advantage of discounts on different types of iPhone

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Up to 50% discount on clothing

Clothes and fashion for men and women! This is Alza beauty

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Pandora jewelry in action

Pandora's stylish jewelry is really flying now

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Alza Beauty discounts up to 57%

Buy stylish watches, perfumes or cosmetics at Alza!

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You can buy baby supplies with Alza conveniently

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Discount up to -30% for students

Enter valid ISIC and you will see better prices immediately!

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Gift vouchers up to 5000 CZK

Give your loved ones a gift, you can buy vouchers from 100 CZK

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Express delivery within 60 minutes

Alza guarantees you really fast delivery

  Valid at least until 6/2/2023

Free Alza Premium for 1 month

Free shipping and other 30 day free benefits

  Valid at least until 6/2/2023

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How to use Alza discount coupon

If you want to use a discount voucher at e-shop, just go to your shopping cart. On the "Basket" page is the text "Use a discount / gift voucher". After clicking, a text box will open in which you will enter your discount code. Then just click "Insert" and the coupon is applied. Take advantage of the Alza discount code to save you money.

History of Alza

Alza is largest online shop in the Czech Republic, but is also available in Slovakia, Poland, United Kingdom, Romania, Hungary, France, Romania, Croatia and Slovenia.

Company Alza a.s. started in 1994 under the trade license of Aleš Zavoral by garage sale among university students. The company started to build a more prominent position on the Czech market since 1998, when it opened its first stone shop on Dělnická Street in Prague. In 1999, was ranked among the 5 most visited websites in the Czech Republic.

Since 2002, their annual turnover has grown to 302 million and has been rocketing every year. Until 2006 the company was called Alzasoft, since then only Alza. Alza Alien was founded in 2008 and gradually became the most visible Czech corporate mascot. In 2016, Alza left the Heureka comparator for allegedly manipulating the results in favor of the Rockaway e-shop, the Heureka operator. Despite this, or perhaps because of this, they managed to achieve record sales of 17,5 billion crowns that year.

Extra service for its customers really takes care of its customers and offers them extra services. If you are not satisfied with the classic two-year warranty, use the extended warranty up to 3 years. It also offers insurance against breakage or theft, which you will most appreciate with your smartphone. also offers to immediately replace broken goods with new ones without waiting for repair.

A novelty is the Buyback program, where the seller exchanges old goods for the customer for a discount in the form of a discount coupon. Subsequently, the customer arrives for new goods to the store or redeem in the e-shop. Self-service checkouts can also be found at brick and mortar stores. If you can order by 12:00, Alza will deliver the goods the same day. And it is not very common to be seen.

Interesting promotions

Take advantage of student events, explore merchandise and watch new coupons. You can combine various events, for example Alza Premium with a student discount of up to 30%. Shopping with Alza is worth it, not only at Christmas! Alza discount just pleasantly surprises you. in Europe is available in several European countries. If you are interested about discounts in Germany, go to For information about vouchers in Czech Republic, continue to operates as well in Slovakia, all the discounts you can find on works also on Hungary market, go to to explore current offers.