Trading212 $100 promo code

Trading212 $100 promo code

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Get a bonus of up to $100 for opening an account with Trading212 for free by registering trough the link bellow or using the promo code: 11R4zJ8bNy. Trading212 is one of the best brokers in the world with a very small commisions. The minimum deposit is just $1. This broker provides you with an innovative application that makes everything very simple. You can create your own portfolios based on percentages simply get inspired by other users. Create an account today and enter our promo code in the app to get a free signup bonus.

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Get a bonus up to €100

Just create an account via this link

   Valid at least until 19/7/2024

Promo code up to 100 €

If you haven't used the link above but have a new account, apply this promo…

   Valid at least until 19/7/2024

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How to get a bonus of up to $100 for opening an account with Trading212?

Getting the bonus is easy, just click on the link above. This will take you to the Trading212 website where you just need to click on Sign up to claim shares, enter and upload the necessary details , deposit a minimum of 1 euro and complete the registration. Don't forget to click through our link and enter the promo code above.

You can also download their mobile app. You can easily find the Trading 212 app on Google Play or in the App Store or on their website. The app is completely free. After downloading and opening the app, click on "Open Account" and select your country of origin. In the next step, we get a choice of two accounts. We choose "Trading 212 invest" in orange. In the next section we choose our login details, which must meet the security requirements. After the initial account setup, we move on to "Identity Verification". We will take our ID card, passport or driver's license and take a photo of the front and back of it using our mobile phone. After verifying your identity, you will still need to upload money into your investment account. And that's all, my friends. Once you've successfully verified and deposited your money, there's nothing stopping you from buying shares in global companies!

What makes Trading212 great?

There are many reasons for getting an account with this broker. Firstly, you will appreciate the low fees and spreads, thanks to which your profit will be even bigger. It allows trading with leverage and a minimum deposit, so everyone really gets the opportunity to trade and make money. In addition, it has a great and simple mobile application and many other benefits, such as building an investment portfolio according to your preferences and a bonus of up to $100 for simply creating and account and depositing $1.

Your funds are protected by ICF and additionally insured up to 1 million euros. Trading 212 provides 24/7 support. Trading 212 is the best app in the United Kingdom and since 2017 it has reached the first place in Germany as well.

Trading212 in Europe

Trading212 is available in several European countries. For information about Trading212 vouchers in Czech Republic, continue to Trading212 operates as well in Slovakia, all the discounts you can find on Trading212 works also on Hungary market, go to to explore current offers. If you are from Romania, we didn't forget for you - all what you need to know about Trading212 vouchers, you can find on